Q: Will losing weight help decrease pain in my low back and knees?

February 19, 2016

A: Studies have shown that for every 1# of extra weight you gain, it adds 3-5# of stress to your weight bearing joints (pelvis, hips, knees, ankles). Pain in your low back or lower extremities (legs) can be an early sign of osteoarthritis. Physical Therapy can help with reducing your joint pain and strengthen your muscles. We can develop an exercise program for you that is designed to help you lose weight. We can also discuss nutrition, figure your body mass index (BMI), determine how many calories you need to ingest to lose weight safely, and teach you what type of exercises help burn fat the best. Dieting never seems to work for the long term. Drastic calorie reduction will not result in lasting weight loss. Pain is a symptom, let us help you with the solution.